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This Plan has been prepared by the City of Ferrysburg to guide the City's future investments in park and recreation facility improvements. The Plan considers population growth trends in the community, as well as the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the community. It also considers the number, type and condition of existing recreation facilities in the City and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. Based on the analysis of these factors, the Plan identifies needs for new or improved facilities and the means for providing those facilities over the upcoming five-year period.

The Plan establishes a future course of action for development and improvement of the City's recreation facilities. It should serve as a guide for the inclusion of park and recreation expenditures in preparation of the annual City budget.

This Plan is also intended to qualify the City for Federal and State grant programs that assist in financing park and recreation facilities. These grant programs include the following:

* Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (land acquisition and facility development);
* Land and Water Conservation Fund (federal program for land acquisition and facility development, not funded in recent years).

Grant eligibility under this Community Recreation Plan will be in effect for five years. It is recommended, however, that the Plan be periodically reviewed and updated, to reflect current community condition and needs.