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Due to the proximity of the City of Grand Haven, Spring Lake Township, the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg, it is difficult to isolate those facilities and programs that serve only the residents of the City of Ferrysburg. Facilities owned by other government entities and privately owned facilities that are available to your community may also be included in the inventory, but this is not required. A recreation inventory describes all parks and recreation facilities your community owns or operates, and must have been conducted within two years prior to the development of the plan. For clarification, the facilities of all types that are located within the City of Ferrysburg are listed and described first, followed by other public and private recreation facilities located in the Tri-Cities area.

Because of the large number of boat launch and fishing sites in the area, these facilities have been given a separate category in this inventory. The Recreation Facilities Inventory map identifies the location of the major facilities described herein.

Also Included at each facility is an assessment of the accessibility of each park to people with disabilities. This assessment must consider the accessibility of both the facilities themselves (as appropriate), as well as the access routes to them. At a minimum, the following ranking system will be used for each park:

1 = none of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines
2 = some of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines
3 = most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines
4= the entire park meets accessibility guidelines
5 = the entire park was developed/renovated using the principals of universal design

For each park that was partially or completely acquired and/or developed with recreation grant funds, the information below must be reported. These funds include the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (formerly known as the Michigan Land Trust Fund), the Clean Michigan Initiative Recreation Bond Fund, and the 1988 Recreation Bond Fund.

Ferrysburg has received recreation grants from the State of Michigan for several projects. They are as follows:

Program     Grant Number     Project Location
Clean Michigan Initiative     CM99-259
BF93-291     Coast Guard Park Development
Coast Guard Park Development
Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund     TF717
26-00345     North Shore Dune Acquisition
Municipal Park Development

1. For acquisition grants, the specific area of the park acquired, how it is currently being used, and a description of the condition of any recreation facilities on the parcel. If the parcel was also developed with grant assistance, you may describe the condition of the facilities under the appropriate development grant.
2. For development grants, a list of the scope items that were constructed and a description of their current condition. If a scope item has been removed, an explanation why this action was taken, and describe either the recreation facility that replaced it or how the area is now being used.