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North Beach Park has 745 feet of Lake Michigan beach frontage, picnic area, shelter, bathhouse and foot trails on 20 acres. A unique feature is a dune climb stairway and scenic overlook of Lake Michigan. This park is owned and operated by the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission. Entrance fees are charged to visitors during the summer.

North Ottawa Dunes consists of 500 acres of natural duneland west of Coast Guard Park, east of North Beach Park, and running northward in Spring Lake Township to P.J. Hoffmaster State Park. Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission expects to complete acquisition of the property in 2005. The County has prepared a preliminary development plan for the property.

Ferrysburg Elementary School, located on Roosevelt St., west of U.S. 31, is owned by the Grand Haven Area Public Schools. The school grounds contain a small children's playground and open play area that serves a neighborhood park function. This school will be closed after the 2004-2005 school year, and current playground equipment will be moved to Lake Hills Elementary School. It is unknown at this time if Grand Haven Area Public Schools will continue to make the open play area available to the public.

Central Park (Spring Lake Village) is owned by the Village of Spring Lake. Maintenance and operating expenses are shared with Spring Lake Township. The 8.2 acre park is the Village's largest community park, offering a variety of facilities, including one adult and one children’s' ballfields, picnic shelter and tables, children’s' playground facilities, basketball, volleyball and shuffleboard courts, 1-mile fitness course, restrooms and the recently-built inline skating rink/ice skating and ice hockey rink.

Mill Point Park (Spring Lake Village) has a picnic area, restrooms, fishing along the Grand River, and a boat launch. A band shell is scheduled to be added in 2005.

Riverfront Trailer Park (Spring Lake Village) is located in and owned by Spring Lake Village, which leases space to individuals for long and short-term (up to six months) travel trailer parking. Water, sanitary sewer and electricity are available to campers.

Lakeside Trail Linear Park (Spring Lake Village) on the south side of Spring Lake has approximately 125 feet of bathing beach. Facilities include a restroom, bike rack, footwash, pier and breakwall and fencing. With the addition of a new deck overlook and seawall, water frontage has been expanded to nearly 200 feet.

Grand Haven Waterfront Holiday Inn. (Spring Lake Village) completed in 2000 on the east side of the Spring Lake Channel and provides access between Old Boys Brewhouse and the Grand Haven/Spring Lake Holiday Inn.

Jackson Street Dock (Spring Lake Village), also on the south side of Spring Lake, is a landscaped street end with walks, benches, swimming and a dock for boat tie-ups. This facility offers handicapped accessible fishing.
Spring Lake Yacht Club is a lakefront facility on the north shore of Spring Lake, which is owned by the Village of Spring Lake. Although the property and its improvements are leased in part for private use by a local sailing club, there are a number of facilities that are available to the general public. These include parking, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, swings, a small beach, picnic areas and horseshoe pits.

Linear Park (Spring Lake Village). This former railroad right-of-way north of M-104 has been acquired by the Village of Spring Lake and developed as a 1.75 mile landscaped bike path from Fruitport Road to Cutler Street.

Barber Street School (Spring Lake Village) is no longer used as an educational facility, but has been restored as a community center. It contains a large meeting room, small conference room and kitchen available to the community on a rental basis. The community room is used for Village Council and Board meetings. This facility, which is owned by Spring Lake Village, also has a gazebo and picnic area.

Spring Lake Junior High (Spring Lake Village) occupies 21 acres in the Village of Spring Lake. Recreational facilities include two soccer fields, one backstop, one football training field, and one adult and one children's ball field. The former High School also has an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium. Spring Lake High School football, track, baseball, soccer, and swimming competitions are also held at this location.

Spring Lake High School (Spring Lake Township) located at 16140 148th Ave. Recreational facilities include additional tennis courts and an auditorium.

Holmes Elementary School (Spring Lake Village) is located on 6.6 acres in the Village of Spring Lake. The school has a large playground with swings, monkey bars and climbing structures. In addition, there is one small ballfield and five low basketball hoops.

Rycenga Park is a +-100-acre public park recently acquired and developed by Spring Lake Township. It is located at the far north end of the Township, on Hemlock Dr., west of West Spring Lake Rd. Approximately half of the park is designated for passive activities, with the other half used for active facilities. Walking paths have been developed in the passive portion of the park. Facilities in the balance of the park include young children's playground, older children's playground, soccer fields, ballfields, sand volleyball court, a picnic shelter and restrooms. A non-motorized path was recently extended into the park from the path located along West Spring Lake Rd. Proposed future improvements include irrigation for all sports fields, basketball court, and additional walking paths and boardwalk in the passive area of the park.

Water Tower Park (Spring Lake Township) is a seven-acre facility located northeast of the City of Ferrysburg on Van Wagoner Rd. It contains two tennis courts and area for one soccer net.

Spring Lake Township Non-Motorized Trails (Spring Lake Township). Spring Lake Township has completed several paved bike paths paralleling major roads in the Township, with others planned for the future. Completed paths include the following:

* West Spring Lake Road from the Ferrysburg City limits north to Hemlock Dr.
* Fruitport Road from the Fruitport Village limits south to the Spring Lake village limits.
* Leonard St. from the Spring Lake Village limits east to 144th Ave.
* State Rd., from 148th Ave. east to the Township boundary.
* 148th Ave., from M-104 north to State Rd.
* 152nd Ave., north from Leonard St.

In addition, there are striped bicycle lanes along M-104, from the Village limits east to 144th Ave.

The Township has had a dedicated millage for non-motorized trails (initially .5 mills) from 1990-2000. In 2004, Township voters extended this 0.5 millage for an additional ten years.

Spring Lake Township Vacant Land (Spring Lake Township). Spring Lake Township owns a 100-acre parcel of land in the northwest portion of the township. This undeveloped area, which consists of rolling dunes, beach grass and forestland, is adjacent the Lake Hills Elementary School. The Township has recently offered to transfer this parcel to Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission to combine it with the County's North Ottawa Dunes property.

Jeffers Elementary School (Spring Lake Township) is one of two elementary schools located within Spring Lake Township. The school, on approximately five acres, has a playground that offers a slide, swings, a basketball court and five spring-mounted rocking animal seats.

Lake Hills Elementary School (Spring Lake Township) is located in the Township of Spring Lake adjacent to 100 acres of township-owned dune land and serves residents of the township living in the Grand Haven School District. The school has a large playground with swings, monkey bars and climbing structures.

DeWitt School (Spring Lake Township) is an historic school structure that has been restored for interpretive use. It is located north of Ferrysburg on Taft St. in Spring Lake Township. Owned and maintained by Spring Lake Township, it is open to the public and is used by area schools to provide students an opportunity to experience a one-room schoolhouse learning environment. The structure has been restored to its original character, complete with old lunch pails and wood stove.
West Michigan Academy of Arts & Academics – charter school offering kindergarten thru 8th grade education located at 17350 Hazel Street in Ferrysburg. Facilities include a playground and athletic field that includes a basketball court, volleyball court, little league ballfield and a soccer field.

St. Matthew Lutheran School, located in the southern part of Spring Lake Township, has a small playground that is used primarily by children enrolled in their day care program.

St. Lazare's Retreat is located on Spring Lake east off West Spring Lake Rd., north of the City limits in Spring Lake Township. It is owned by the Catholic Church but may be rented by other groups wishing to use it for retreats or meetings. The facility offers sleeping quarters, meeting halls, chapel and hiking trails.

Spring Lake Country Club has an 18-hole golf course and other recreation facilities. This private club is located on Fruitport Road just north of the Village of Spring Lake.

Eagle's Park is a private campground located in the northeast corner of Black Lake, in Muskegon County.
Boat Launch / Fishing Sites
Mill Point Park (Spring Lake Village) is a 4-acre Village park with public boat launch facilities on the Grand River, including two launch ramps and parking for over fifty cars or trailers. The park also has picnic facilities and public restrooms.. The daily charge for boat launch is $6 per day, and is collected seven days a week. This ramp was closed for 2002-0004 due to low lake levels.

Smith's Bayou, one of the largest bayous on Spring Lake, is located in the northeast part of the City of Ferrysburg. Although no public boat launch facilities are available on the bayou, it is a popular fishing location.

Bruce Bayou is one of the more popular fishing sites in the Spring Lake area. Currently there are two boat launch sites available. The MDNR launch facility, which is located in Crockery Township, provides a portable restroom facility and parking for 32 vehicles. The other launch is located at the mouth of the bayou, off Cypress Drive where the bayou meets the Grand River. There is parking available for 32 vehicles.

Petty's Bayou, another popular fishing spot in the area, has two MDNR boat launches, one dock, pit toilets and parking for 29 vehicles. In addition to the MDNR facilities, there are two privately owned facilities with a combined total of 82 slips. Petty's Bayou has a public launch able to accommodate large boats.

Lloyd's Bayou is a rustic, shallow water site for fishing. The MDNR launch located there offers one small launch, pit toilets and some limited space for parking. This bayou is a very popular site for winter ice fishing.

Cornelius Bayou, the smallest and least well known of the bayous in the area, has one privately owned facility, Herm's Livery, which has a boat launch and 72 slips. Herm's also has one dock and charges a fee for boat launching.

Indian Channel is located in the southern portion of the township near the ninety acres of State Game Area and has a boat launch, pit toilets and 25 parking spaces.

Harbor Island Boat Launch (Grand Haven) The Harbor Island Boat Launch is one large ramp with 10 outlined sections for launching. There are five finger piers. The Launch site has four parking areas and are as follows:

1. Main Launch Parking Area - 105 spaces trailer/car parking only with a 24hr limit.
2. Overflow Lot #1 - 30 spaces car/trailer, 25 spaces trailer only 7 day limit.
3. Overflow Lot #2 - gravel lot aprox. 50 car or trailer 7 day limit.
4. Overflow Lot #3 - gravel lot aprox 50 car or trailer 7 day limit.

One handicap port-a-john is located at the main lot and a central restroom fully handicap accessible facility is near the entrance to the main lot. Harbor Island Boat Launch has a public launch able to accommodate large boats.
There are several private boat launch/storage facilities in the Tri-Cities area. Some of these docks or slips are very expensive to own or lease and all should not be considered as accessible to the general public. A partial list of the marinas in the Tri-Cities area, and the number of slips available, includes:
Spring Lake:
Spring Lake Yacht Club (Ferrysburg) 18 slips
Keenan Marina, Inc. (Ferrysburg) 205 slips
Cutler's Landing 52 slips
Barrett Boat Works, Inc. 150 slips

Grand River:
Grand Isle Marina 500+ slips
Grand Valley Marina 170 slips
Grand Valley II Marina 40 slips
Rycenga Marina 53 slips
Dick's Landing (public ramp) 70 slips
Grand Haven Waterfront Holiday Inn 41 slips
The Wharf Marina 157 slips
North Shore Marina 119 slips
Village Cove Marina 28 slips
Felix's 40 slips

In addition to the above private facilities, the City of Grand Haven operates a municipal marina that provides 59 slips for seasonal rental, plus transient slips.