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The City of Ferrysburg provides for the management and operations of city-owned parks and city-operated recreation programs through its annual operating budget. Under the overall management and supervision of the City Manager, the City Public Services Director has day-to-day responsibility for the maintenance of city parks and recreation programs. The Public Services Department has five full-time employees who are assigned to parks and recreation facility maintenance on an as-needed basis. The City routinely hires several summer-only maintenance personnel on an as-needed basis.

The City Council has established by ordinance a seven member Recreation Commission to advise and assist the City Council regarding parks and recreation matters. The Recreation Commission meets quarterly. Given primary responsibility for the preparation of this Plan, the Commission met on a more frequent basis during its preparation.

Many of the recreation programs in the Tri-Cities area are administered by the Northwest Ottawa Recreation Program (NORP), a cooperative program serving the City of Ferrysburg, City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Township, Robinson Township and Port Sheldon Township. Funding of programs is provided by user fees and local government contributions. Local government contributions are based on a formula that takes into account population, taxable value of property and program usage. The NORP program is overseen by a Board with representation from all of the member communities.
The City of Ferrysburg provides for operation and maintenance of city-owned parks and city-operated recreation programs through its annual operating budget. The City's General Fund, supported by local tax millage, state revenue sharing, and other revenue sources, includes a Parks and Recreation Department budget, with $73,000 budgeted and appropriated for fiscal year 2004-2005.

Amounts actually expended in previous years were as follows:

Budget Year     Operation and Maintenance     Capital Improvements     Total
2004     $92,520     N/A     $92,520
2003     $65,460     N/A     $65,460
2002     $81,113     N/A     $81,113
2001     $68,037     $184,500     $252,573
2000     $72,765     N/A     $72,765

The City's financial commitment to parks and recreation facilities and programs has increased significantly in recent years. Budgeted funds for operation and maintenance have increased by approximately 22 % between 2000 - 2004.

The City of Ferrysburg programs parks and recreation capital outlays through its annual budget process. Revenue sources for capital outlays consist of city revenues and, where and when possible, state and federal grant programs. Often, local public and private contributions are received to offset costs of various capital outlays.