February 6, 2017

1. Maintain balanced budget, keep taxes & water/sewer low, financial sustainability, accountability.
2. Investigate potential sale of excess City Hall property, old City Hall.
2. Repair City Hall roof.
4. Start lift station repairs, upgrades, financing.
5. Continue collaboration, education for boards/commissions with surrounding communities
that benefit Ferrysburg.
6. Strategies to reduce the cost of services efficiently.
7. Citizen involvement in boards/commissions.
8. Educate citizens on the Headlee effects on City income and put it on the November ballot.
9. Continue to resolve plan for road repairs, drainage problems.
10. Continue development of street ends, street lighting, enhanced park lighting thru grants
and funding as available.
11. Align the master plan with our City Code and Charter, designating all current parks as such, and requiring a 2/3 vote of      the electorate for sale of same.