Council Vote Summary

Council Vote Summary

May 16, 2022


Approved the May 2, 2022, City Council meeting minutes.

Approved the Mayor’s Proclamation recognizing the Centennial Anniversary of the Salvation Army’s service to northwest Ottawa County.

Adopted a resolution regarding Public Employer Contributions to Medical Benefit Plans.

Approved a resolution to authorize the City’s 2022 summer Tax Levy at 10.5552 mills.

Approved a resolution adopting sewer and water rates and charges.

Approved a resolution adopting the 2022-2023 City budget of $6, 807, 422  and appropriating funds for said purposes.

Requested revisions of Ordinance No. 323,  an ordinance to permit Class 1 and Class II electric bikes, maintenance vehicles, and emergency vehicles on City bike paths.

Approved to live-stream Panning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings. 

Approved Mayor’s appointment of Council Member Cate to the Harbor Transit Board and Council Member Sias to the Economic Development Task Force.

Discussed 2022 City Council Goals.

Requested additional information from staff regarding City Council Conferences, Meetings, and Training Policy.



Not Approved